Guide to Global Antitrust and Competition 2024

News and Insights

Regional Insights

United States
  • Merger Enforcement (DOJ and FTC)
  • FTC Updates (Non-Merger)
  • Cartel Enforcement
  • Scrutiny of Information Exchanges
  • Section 2 Monopolization Litigation
United Kingdom
  • Merger Control
  • Technology Sector Regulation
  • Cartel Enforcement
  • UK National Security Investment Screening Reforms Under Consideration
  • Antitrust Litigation
European Union
  • Merger Control and Conduct Investigations
  • Article 102 Abuse of Dominance Investigations
  • Digital Markets Act
  • Foreign Investment Controls
  • Cartel Enforcement
  • The EU Foreign Subsidies Regulation
  • Merger Control
  • Legislative and Rule Rulemaking Developments
  • Cartel and Abuse of Dominance Investigations

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