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How to Fight the Campus Speech Police: Get a Good Lawyer

January 2, 2015, The Wall Street Journal

Covington is mentioned in this article regarding the firm's representation of Daniel Mael, a Brandeis University senior, who was accused in a university disciplinary complaint of “harassing” a fellow student through on-line articles and social media posts. Daniel’s posts, which were entirely non-threatening, pointedly called out the students’ different views concerning Israel’s defense policies in the Palestinian territories, and criticized anti-Israel groups for heckling a visiting Israeli military officer at a public event.

"In a panic after the meeting with Dean Adams, Mr. Mael consulted his friend Noah Pollak, of the Washington-based Emergency Committee for Israel, which retained the Covington & Burling law firm to act on his behalf. Yet when Mr. Mael’s lawyer initially corresponded with university counsel, he was informed that “parties involved in the conduct process are not permitted to engage legal counsel to act or speak on their behalf.” 

"Covington & Burling paid no heed. With the deadline approaching and still without a copy of the complaint, Mr. Mael opted to plead not guilty and request a full hearing before a jury of his fellow students."

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