We look for intern and experienced hires, who have a passion for our practice areas and are keen to tackle challenging commercial law problems. We look for applicants to have above average exam results and a good command of English.

Reasons to Join Covington


Students often remark on how friendly and down to earth the people at Covington are. We are proud that Covington is a place where you can bring your ‘whole self’ to work and work alongside passionate, like-minded peers.


Trainees gain exposure to complex problems, early in their career. Trainees are relied upon as valued team members and contribute to client work from their first seat.

Open door policy

It’s part of our culture that everyone’s voice is heard. If you have an idea of question you can walk into anyone’s office and voice it. If your idea is a good one, you will have the support to run with it.

Meaningful work

Our people are passionate about what they do, which makes them great people to learn from. You are able to gain exposure to areas of law that you are enthusiastic about.

We hope you will apply to join our Frankfurt office. Please apply and submit your CV, cover letter, and state exam results.