Professional Development

To develop, retain, and promote the talented lawyers we recruit, we work hard to provide them with the resources, experience, and support necessary to succeed. This means assisting lawyers with their professional development and career satisfaction.

Here are several programs we have established to further these goals:

Mentoring Program. Mentoring is integral to our culture, and associates can expect to be supported and benefit from a variety of mentors throughout their Covington career. Upon arrival at the firm, new associates are assigned a mentor to help with their integration and guide and support their careers. Additionally, informal mentoring relationships between partners, senior attorneys, and associates are encouraged throughout each associate’s career.

Training Programs. With well over 200 in-house training programs offered each year, Covington fosters a learning environment for our attorneys. Our practice group-focused and skills training complements on-the-job learning to ensure associates develop the skills and knowledge needed to be successful practitioners. Annual formal skills training programs for our lawyers include intensive trial advocacy, deposition skills, communications skills, negotiations, and legal writing programs. Additionally, the firm annually hosts training seminars designed to guide career transition milestones; these include the Summer Program Academy, Fall Integration Seminar, Mid-Level Seminar, and Senior Associate Seminar. Attorneys also can access the firm’s on-demand training database and thousands of training courses from the Practicing Law Institute.

Managing Partners for Legal Personnel. The firm’s commitment to professional development is further demonstrated by our Managing Partners for Legal Personnel (MPLPs). MPLPs in each of our offices direct many of the firm’s associate-related initiatives and programs, including work assignments, junior & mid-level associate evaluation processes, and the mentoring program. Additionally, each MPLP is assigned a group of associates for whom they monitor individual growth and development. Our experienced professional development team also plays an integral role in supporting the MPLPs, administering the firm’s professional development programs, and nurturing the development of associates.

Associate Evaluations and Career Development Planning. The firm’s annual evaluation process and ongoing feedback help keep associates on track for development and advancement. We invest significant time in our annual evaluation process to help associates perform at the highest level and advance in their careers. The annual evaluations provide the firm with valuable information regarding the progress and needs of individual lawyers; this information is used in arranging future assignments and legal education programs. Each associate attends an annual Professional Development Meeting with their MPLP and practice group leader(s) to discuss the performance feedback, suggestions for continued development, and individual career goals for the coming year. Additionally, associates in their first year at the firm receive a less formal mid-year evaluation to ensure our newest associates are supported during their adjustment to firm life.

Associate Advisory Committee. This committee, which is comprised of associates who work with partner advisors and firm leadership, provides an organized way for the firm’s management and associates to exchange views and perspectives.

Associate Ombudspersons. A senior lawyer in each of the firm’s offices serves as Associate Ombudsperson to provide confidential advice to any associate upon request.