About the Summer Associate Program

Assignments and Mentoring

The centerpiece of our summer associate program is our unique assignment system. We carefully match assignments with each summer associate’s interests, thereby offering summer associates a real opportunity to explore the firm’s work in their preferred areas. Moreover, the assignment system draws upon the informal and flexible nature of our practice groups, enabling summer associates to explore a variety of substantive assignments in diverse practice groups. As summer associates get to know the lawyers and practices during their time with us, we tailor their assignments to reflect the evolution of their interests. We ensure that each summer associate gets a real chance to work closely with multiple partners and associates and to receive the kind of individual attention that is often key to a successful summer associate experience.

All summer associates are assigned both a senior and a junior mentor who facilitate their introduction to the firm, advise on work assignments, and provide insight into life at Covington. We pride ourselves on providing summer associates with constructive feedback on their work throughout the summer. We also help summer associates develop their writing, research, and advocacy skills as the summer progresses.

Education and Training

Covington’s commitment to educating and training new lawyers begins with the summer program. Our summer associate program aims to provide an accurate picture of what it is like to be an associate at Covington. Summer associates have significant responsibility and regularly attend client and internal strategy meetings, depositions, transaction negotiations and closings, settlement negotiations, and court hearings. Our summer associates also participate in regular corporate and litigation training programs and meet frequently with partners and associates to discuss current matters of interest within each practice group.

Summer associates also attend luncheons that focus on various aspects of the firm’s management, practice groups, pro bono work, diversity and inclusion, and practical issues such as career guidance and professional development. Finally, depending on the office, summer associates may have the opportunity to participate in our intensive, hands-on deposition and negotiation skills training programs.