Meet Us

Gaining first hand exposure to the firm is the best way you can determine whether a career at Covington is for you.

Details of our programmes can be found here. We are also attending the following events over the course of the year, we would love to meet you.

 University Name   Date 
 University of Glasgow  4 October 2023
 University of Durham  11 October 2023
 London School of Economics  12 October 2023
 Imperial University  16 October 2023
 University of Bristol  18 October 2023
 University of Oxford  21 October 2023
 University College London  23 October 2023
 University of Cambridge  24 October 2023
 University of Warwick  24 October 2023
 Bristol  2 November 2023
 University of Leeds  8 November 2023
 Kings College London  10 November 2023
 University of Exeter  15 November 2023