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January 6, 2020, CNBC

Francis Maude appeared on CNBC to discuss the risk and possibility of a Brexit no-deal. Lord Maude says, “The risk of a no-deal Brexit without a withdraw agreement is very unlikely because it is in no one’s interest for that to happen… But there has always been a risk that if both sides get into an absolute standoff that there could be an end to the ...

January 1, 2020, Law360

Anne Termine is quoted in Law360 regarding CFTC’s proposal to regulate cross-border swaps and govern when cross-border swaps should be registered with the agency. Ms. Termine says, “The commission is trying to thread the needle of registration that is not over-reaching beyond our borders, yet sufficiently protects the interests of the U.S. and U.S. markets. This ...

January 1, 2020, Law360

Anna Kraus spoke with Law360 about Texas v. U.S., a Republican-led challenge to the ACA's constitutionality. "Ultimately, the outcome of this case could affect almost everyone in the country.” She adds that the case is “by far the most important case to watch in 2020.”  

January 1, 2020, Law360

Eric Mogilnicki is quoted in Law360 regarding the constitutionality of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), in Seila Law v. CFPB, a case that will be heard before the Supreme Court in 2020. Mr. Mogilnicki says, “The irony is that Republican resistance to former CFPB Director Richard Cordray” — who was nominated by former President Barack Obama — ...

January 1, 2020, Law360

Eric Blanchard spoke with Law360 about the IPO market for health care-related and biotech companies in 2020. Mr. Blanchard, who expects continued strength from life sciences companies in 2020, says, “There continue to be very interesting, groundbreaking scientific discoveries that are driving the pipelines for these biotech companies that are going public.”  

January 1, 2020, Law360

Mike Nonaka is quoted in Law360 regarding the New York Department of Financial Services and the Conference of State Bank Supervisors’ fintech charter, which is being challenged for its validity in the Southern District of New York. Mr. Nonaka says, “The [fintech charter case] is important litigation, because many of the companies that could be interested in the ...

January 1, 2020, Financial Times

Lindsey Tonsager spoke with the Financial Times about the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the different ways companies are trying to comply with the new law. Addressing some companies’ efforts to create self-serve portals to handle users’ privacy requests, Ms. Tonsager says, “This works fine but if you get a high spike of data access requests — right ...

January 1, 2020, Law360

Fred Levy spoke with Law360 about the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act. Mr. Levy says the upcoming NDAA could also include more provisions that would expand the government’s right to obtain pricing information on commercial items, given recent congressional attention to alleged “price-gouging,” even as that definition has been applied somewhat ...

December 30, 2019, American Banker

Mike Nonaka spoke with American Banker about fintech companies’ struggle to gain banking charters in 2019 and the prospect for better results in 2020. Mr. Nonaka says, “States are looking at how difficult the federal landscape can be, and based on their current laws, they're looking for ways to attract companies — either through their current regulations or even ...