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July 19, 2017, The New York Times

Former Chief of the Public Corruption Unit for the U.S. Attorney's Office in the Southern District of New York Arlo Devlin-Brown is quoted by The New York Times in an article regarding trends in jury selection. Generally, prosecutors look for “people who are community-minded,” like people who are married, employed in a role that requires dealing with others or ...

July 17, 2017, The Telegraph

Bart Van Vooren is quoted by The Telegraph in an article regarding the push by EU negotiators to impose fines on Britain for breaking European laws after Brexit. According to Van Vooren, "The way that infringement proceedings are brought is very much under the discretion of the commission…and they are extremely politicised." He adds that there would be a huge ...

July 17, 2017, Inside U.S. Trade's Daily Report

Inside U.S. Trade's Daily Report highlights a Law360 article by the firm's Government Contracts lawyers regarding President Trump's "Buy American and Hire American" Executive Order. The firm's lawyers predict an increased "emphasis on procuring domestic end products" and state that "it will be prudent" for contractors and manufacturers "to take a fresh look at ...

What Brexit means for drug regulation

Media Mention

July 14, 2017, Pharmafile

Grant Castle is quoted in a Pharmafile article regarding how Brexit may affect drug regulation. “Even if we enter into a close free-trade agreement, the UK will lose influence in the development of pharmaceutical legislation and policy, and will also lose influence in the pharmaceutical regulatory procedures,” says Castle. “And that must inevitably mean that ...

July 14, 2017, New York Law Journal

The New York Law Journal highlights an article by Arlo Devlin-Brown and Erin Monju on the Supreme Court's decision in McDonnell. “The reality is that McDonnell is of limited significance: It prevents prosecutors from bringing only the weakest of public corruption cases, those where the prosecution lacks even circumstantial evidence that a corrupt payoff was for ...

'Buy American' Rules Have Major Implications for Defense

Media Mention

July 13, 2017, Real Clear Defense

Justin Ganderson is quoted in a Real Clear Defense article regarding the implications that President Trump's "Buy American" rules may have on the defense industry. Ganderson warns that failures to comply could lead to civil of criminal False Claims Act violations, contract terminations, and suspension or debarment. “A decision to ‘wait and see’ how agencies will ...

Battlefield Immunity Fights Rage On, CIA Torture Case Shows

Media Mention

July 13, 2017, BNA's Federal Contracts Report

Alex Sarria is quoted in a Federal Contracts Report article regarding the assertion of immunity defenses by contractors on the battlefield. According to Sarria, major decisions over the past decade and a half have illustrated the overwhelming federal interests that are at stake when government contractors accompany forces into a foreign war zone. Allowing ...

Trump Puts China Under Microscope With WTO Envoy Nom

Media Mention

July 12, 2017, Law360

John Veroneau is quoted in a Law360 article regarding President Trump's appointment of Dennis Shea to serve as the deputy U.S. trade representative in Geneva. “The main focus of this administration has been the impact of China’s accession to the WTO," says Veroneau. “To the extent that there are concerns about the WTO these days, it’s often revolved around ...

Diverse debate reveals civil justice challenges

Media Mention

July 12, 2017, Commercial Dispute Resolution

Ian Hargreaves chaired a session on managing conjoined civil and criminal fraud cases at Commercial Dispute Resolution's Summer Litigation Symposium.