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September 1, 2020, SHRM

Carolyn Rashby spoke with SHRM about the U.S. state laws regarding temperature checks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ms. Rashby says temperature screens should be required only on days when employees are coming to a worksite, not when they are telecommuting. “Requiring temperature screenings at home may be a better approach for many businesses, including for ...

August 27, 2020, Medtech Insight

Scott Danzis spoke with Medtech Insight about a Department of Health and Human Services announcement stripping the FDA of its oversight over Laboratory Developed Tests, or LDTs. Mr. Danzis says, “By the terms of the policy that was issued, it is not restricted to COVID-19 LDTs. It is broader than that. Moreover, we’ve had recent discussions with senior HHS ...

August 25, 2020, The Pink Sheet

Tom Cosgrove is quoted in The Pink Sheet regarding virtual inspections conducted by the FDA during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mr. Cosgrove says, “We were hoping to see some progress on remote or virtual facility inspections.” He notes that the agency has been working hard to avoid the need for pre-approval inspections by, for example, requesting records and talking ...

August 24, 2020, American Banker

Dwight Smith spoke with the American Banker about the impact of a presidential change in 2020 on government-sponsored enterprises. Mr. Smith says, “As far as the Trump administration goes on the GSEs, they've got their path forward with the plan that came out last September. I would think that the FHFA and the enterprises would just keep moving forward.” He ...

August 23, 2020, The Wall Street Journal

John Ahern is quoted in The Wall Street Journal regarding the restructuring of European banks following the COVID-19 pandemic. Mr. Ahern says geographical diversification used to be seen as a way to offset weakness when one market cooled. “In coronavirus, you have a global economy almost in shutdown. You're not leveraging an advantage and can be exposed to too ...

August 20, 2020, Law360

Law360 covered Covington’s representation of Uber in a case involving the company's Buenos Aires launch before the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. Clara Shin, Lindsey Barnhart, Jeffrey Davidson, and Amy Heath provided counsel to Uber.

August 12, 2020, Axios

David Bender is quoted in Axios regarding the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, which was recently struck down in Europe, but still stands in the U.S. Mr. Bender says, “It's a tough situation for a lot of companies. Frustrated and confused is how I'd describe the general mood.”

August 11, 2020, SHRM

Carolyn Rashby is quoted in SHRM regarding the travel restrictions employers can place on employees when considering the spread of COVID-19. Ms. Rashby says regulating where employees go on vacation could conflict with some state laws protecting off-duty conduct and could hurt morale. Regarding pre-travel inquiries, she says employers generally can require ...

August 10, 2020, Law360

Kayleigh Scalzo has been named a Law360 Rising Star in Government Contracts.