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China 24

Media Mention

March 20, 2019, CGTN

Daniel Levine spoke with CGTN news about China's 2019 government work report and the latest draft of a new foreign investment law. He noted that the financial performance of state-owned entities lags that of China's private sector. He added that increased foreign investment could benefit Chinese consumers.

March 18, 2019, The National Law Journal

Brian Smith spoke with The National Law Journal about preparing clients for white collar and congressional investigation hearings. Mr. Smith says, “You have to anticipate everything—anything that a member of Congress or the staff preparing a member of Congress can find. That’s all fair game. You have to be ready for it. You should be ready for it.”

March 14, 2019, Corporate Counsel

Dan Shallman is quoted in Corporate Counsel regarding the uptick in anti-corruption enforcement. Mr. Shallman says, “We’ve seen an uptick in major infrastructure projects and those are generally in the developing world, which has the highest corruption risks. There’s risk around every corner in one of these projects.”   The savviest companies have developed ...

March 13, 2019, Law360

Sergio Urias and Amy Wollensack are quoted in Law360 regarding the increase in private equity firms partnering with sovereign wealth funds and pension funds in club deals.   Mr. Urias says, “You spend a lot of time talking about and negotiating exit provisions — when do you go public? Can you sell down? What happens to your governance rights when you start to ...

March 13, 2019, Law360

Carlo Kostka spoke with Law360 about Brexit’s effect on corporate contingency plans. Companies across the services and manufacturing industries have already invested enormous sums to prepare for the unknown, said Mr. Kostka. He added, “They have investment plans and, with some exceptions and caveats, the trigger has been pulled on many of those.”

March 12, 2019, Law.com

Laura Brookover spoke with Law.com regarding Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s announcement that it will be on the lookout for bribery intended to secure business related to trading, advising, or dealing in swaps or derivatives. Ms. Brookover says, “We’ve already seen that this director is keen to work with other agencies and coordinate with other agencies ...

Brexit: End Game

Media Mention

March 11, 2019, CNBC

Francis Maude spoke with CNBC about Article 50 and the possibility of a Brexit extension. On the possibility of an Article 50 extension, Lord Maude says, "I think it's inevitable that we'll ask for one."

March 8, 2019, Law360

Laura Brookover is quoted in Law360 regarding Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s announcement that it will begin prosecuting corruption. She says, “This is sort of an unpredictable development, but also unsurprising because I think under his leadership we’ve seen a renewed focus on policing the integrity of the markets under CFTC jurisdiction.”     

March 8, 2019, Law360

Ian Hargreaves spoke with Law360 regarding the European Union’s latest round of anti-money laundering laws. Mr. Hargreaves says, “If the legal framework is observed and enforced, the PSC register will be incredibly powerful. Without verification and proper review, though, people will get around this.”   He adds, “One of the big criticisms with the way in which ...