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May 22, 2019, The Oath

Philip Norman’s arrival was featured in The Oath. Both Mr. Norman and Bruce Wilson discuss the firm’s growing Dubai office.  

May 15, 2019, Commercial Dispute Resolution

Mark Mosier spoke with Commercial Dispute Resolution about a Supreme Court case involving the Chevron deference, the amount of deference given to federal agencies by the federal courts in deciding legal challenges to ambiguous regulations. Mr. Mosier says “The question whether courts will defer to agency decisions is critical for any business regulated by the ...

May 13, 2019, Law360

Michael Wagner spoke with Law360 about the Supreme Court’s ruling in Cochise Consultancy Inc. v. U.S., a case determining the statute of limitations in False Claim Act cases. Mr. Wagner says, "In theory, the Court's ruling could incentivize qui tam plaintiffs to wait years to bring their claims, in the hopes of allowing their potential recovery to increase. This ...

May 10, 2019, Legal Tribune Online

Legal Tribune Online covered Robert Henrici’s move to the firm in Frankfurt. Mythili Raman and Mr. Henrici discussed the firm’s growing White Collar Defense and Investigations Practice.

May 8, 2019, HBW Insight

Miriam Guggenheim is quoted in HBW Insight regarding Congressional action to exclude hemp from the definition of “marijuana” in the Controlled Substances Act. Ms. Guggenheim says the change does not have a preemptive effect with states and creates confusion, even for some municipal governments. She adds, "The states have their own controlled substances laws and ...

May 7, 2019, CNBC

Francis Maude appeared on CNBC to speak about Brexit’s effect on British markets and the upcoming election.  

May 6, 2019, Medtech Insight

Medtech Insight included Pamela Forrest's comments from FDAnews' 16th Annual Medical Device Quality Congress about medical device recalls from a product enhancement. Ms. Forrest said the key question companies should ask themselves is whether their action makes a safe device better or improves existing safety concerns. If the action improves a device's safety, ...

May 6, 2019, CoinDesk

Anne Termine is quoted in CoinDesk regarding the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s willingness to let an ether futures contract go to market. Ms. Termine says, “As such, the CFTC has limited regulatory oversight over cryptocurrency spot markets, namely the ability to take enforcement action whenever there is fraud or manipulation in these spot ...