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Breaking through the boys club

April 2, 2019, The Hill

Muftiah McCartin was featured in The Hill about her experience as a woman in big law lobbying.


She discusses what it’s like to be the only woman in the room sometimes, and shares, “Actually, that happened last week. It does happen, and this was a big meeting. I counted up, it was 17 people at the meeting and I was the only woman. The interesting thing about it was we’re halfway through the meeting when I realized it, whereas, normally, I would have walked in and was like ‘Wow.’ And believe it, that’s happened before. I remember one time walking into a room and it was all men sitting around the table and I just said, ‘Oh, what’s wrong with this picture?’”


After many years in the public sector, Ms. McCartin moved to private practice. “When you’re in private practice, you have to build a practice and you have to promote yourself. So, to go from behind the scenes whispering, turning your mic off, staying out of the cameras, just pushing your boss forward, to being where you have to really market yourself in order to market your practice, it’s a whole new ball game,” she said.


She advises young women to stake out middle ground between being the person in the room who finds their opinion so important that they cut people off and being the one who doesn’t have a voice and can’t get a word in. She adds, “I think what makes it more perhaps unique for women is it’s just a little bit, and I think this is really changing, but I think it’s a little bit more difficult for us to kind of find that voice and push ourselves forward.”

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