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Obama's Cuba opening hits early obstacles, faces struggle with Congress

January 3, 2015, Reuters

Covington's Arturo Valenzuela is quoted regarding the move to normalize relations with Cuba:

"It may be some time before people in Cuba as well as U.S. businesses and others reap opportunities from Obama's new policy, said Arturo Valenzuela, the State Department's top official for Latin America in Obama's first term." 

"It's clear to me that what the Cubans want is perestroika, but they don't particularly want glasnost," said Valenzuela, now with the Covington & Burling law firm. 

'Perestroika' was former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev's ultimately failed effort to reform and rebuild the Communist Party. 'Glasnost' was his move to make the USSR a more open society. 

"It's too early really to tell how this is going to work itself through, and it's probably going to take longer than some people maybe expect," Valenzuela said.

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