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Rebuilding Our Military Strength

November 18, 2014, National Review Online

Covington's Roger Zakheim wrote this article on the defense budget:

"This month’s election results represent the first time in four years that the political stars might be aligned for defense hawks. Republicans won big in 2010, but that election proved a disappointment, as of course did 2012. The difference this time is that Republicans have captured the Senate — and their newcomers aren’t from the same tea-party class as four years ago."

"The tea-party wave of 2010 triggered multiple confrontations between Congress and the president over budgets and spending. In each instance, whether it was shutdowns or debt-ceiling spats, the military became the bill payer and not the beneficiary. The 2011 Budget Control Act set these events into motion when the president and Congress agreed to $500 billion in defense cuts and contemplated another $700 billion in automatic cuts, known as sequestration, if they couldn’t agree on cuts to mandatory programs, such as Medicare and Social Security. Instead of incentivizing reforms to mandatory spending, as its architects intended, the sequester became a bitter pill that fiscal hawks and the president were willing to swallow."

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