The Covington Difference

The Covington Strategic Risk and Crisis Management group is anchored by senior lawyers who have had operational and management responsibility for high-risk, high-profile situations and crises and have successfully navigated through these issues.

Senior members of the group include former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff; former Comptroller of the Currency John C. Dugan; Ambassador Stuart Eizenstat; former DC Attorney General Peter Nickles; former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue; and Thomas Williamson, former U.S. Solicitor of Labor.  This team brings decades of experience advising clients on managing high-profile governmental, transactional, and investigative matters in the US, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Legal issues can quickly become crisis management issues with strategic risks to the enterprise.  Covington’s Strategic Risk and Crisis Management group helps clients develop comprehensive strategies that allow them to carry on with their businesses.  It is critically important for CEOs and members of boards to develop global enterprise risk management strategies that guard the corporate and organizations’ brand, facilitate business continuity, and minimize damage to brands and investor relations.

Covington has defended clients in regulatory and criminal investigations by virtually every arm of the U.S. federal government, prosecutors in every federal circuit, numerous state prosecutors, EU, and global regulators and prosecutors.  Our attorneys' multidisciplinary experiences, bipartisan government experience, and global reach cover virtually every industry, including defense and national security, privacy and information technology, energy, financial services, pharmaceuticals, and transportation.  Covington has represented corporations and individuals in many of the most significant internal U.S. and EU government investigations in recent years.  Our lawyers include skilled litigators, experienced boardroom players, deeply respected industry and regulatory experts, and experts in crisis communications and management.

Covington’s approach is to swiftly assess the issues faced and craft strategies to minimize issues that pose significant financial, reputational, and legal risk with the least interruption to the business as possible.  We have significant experience working with the media, regulators, legislators, and U.S. and international governments and can guide you through prevention and management of crisis.  We treat investigations not merely as political or governmental relations exercises, but as legal and public relations challenges that require vigorous litigation-style defense.

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