Affinity Groups

To support and guide the activities of the various affinity groups that our diverse employees represent, Covington established six Affinity Groups: Black, Asian Pacific Islander, Latinx, LGBT+, Veterans, and Women’s Forum. An important part of our work and culture, active affinity groups help us connect with one another and provide mentoring, learning, and development opportunities in professional forums.

These affinity groups enable a more focused and cohesive vehicle for our diverse employees to mentor, carry out community building activities, and focus on relationship development within the respective affinity groups. Each group is empowered to annually map out activities; plan and budget for the group's events and sponsorships; and guide the career development and address challenges that members of each group face.

Black Affinity Group

  • The Black Affinity Group provides a touchpoint for employees at all levels of seniority to engage with each other on a range of issues, including strategic firm matters, diversity, professional development, recruiting, and public service.
  • As a founding member of the “Washington, DC Road Show”—established over four decades ago by major Washington, DC law firms—Covington is committed to encouraging Black law students to practice in large law firms in the capital. For nearly a decade, Michael Baxter, one of our Black Counsel, organized the road show for all Washington, DC firms.
  • The group supports the work of the Black Law Students Association at law schools throughout the United States.
  • The London office participates in and sponsors the Warwick University Multicultural Scholars Programme.

Leadership and Key Contacts

Michelle Barren, Justin Edmondson, Stacey Grigsby, Aaron Lewis, Raymond Smith, and Amy Wollensack.

Asian Pacific Islander Affinity Group

Leadership and Key Contacts

Shankar Duraiswamy, Birlie Lau, Ken Leung, Henry Liu, Neema Sahni, and Chris Yeung

Latinx Affinity Group

  • Our Latinx Affinity Group supports various organizations, including the Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA) and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF).
    • Serving as a sponsor, Covington also sends representatives to the HNBA’s Annual Convention.
  • Covington is proud to be a part of the HNBA/Microsoft Intellectual Property Law Institute (IPLI) which facilitates and increases Hispanic representation in the field of IP law. 

Leadership and Key Contacts

José E. ArveloNicole Duclos, Miguel López Forastier, Michael Lamb, Gabriel Mesa, Jason Santiago, and Veronica Yepez

LGBT+ Affinity Group

  • Covington is a member of Out in Law, the “first annual LGBT leadership organization for the legal industry, by the legal industry.”
  • Covington supports the LeGaL Foundation, one of the nation’s first bar associations of the LGBT legal community.
  • We hosted several educational events with Lambda Legal, including tax and family planning seminars for LGBT families concerning recent changes in federal tax policy that allow for federal recognition of community property of LGBT couples and programs providing a legal update on marriage equality litigation in California.  

Leadership and Key Contacts

Wade Ackerman, William Collins, Brian Crider, Stefanie Doebler, Heather Finstuen, Cort Lannin, and Sepp Stalmans

Veterans Affinity Group

  • The Veterans Affinity Group provides a more formalized structure for veterans and those interested in veterans’ issues to meet regularly, both socially and to discuss professional development, and to provide a resource for our recruiting efforts in identifying and helping to encourage candidates with prior military experience to choose Covington.
  • Click here for a list of Covington attorneys with prior military experience.
  • Click here for a representative list of veterans-related matters handled by Covington attorneys.

Leadership and Key Contacts

Ben BlockAshden Fein, Micaela McMurrough, and Kim Velez

Women’s Forum

The Women’s Forum hosts a variety of activities designed to enable the firm’s women lawyers to connect with one another and to foster mentoring, learning, and development opportunities.

Leadership and Key Contacts

Nicole Carney, Miranda Cole, Natalie Derzko, Ulrike Elteste, Sarah Franklin, Laurie-Ann Grelier, Jennifer Gui, Rani Gupta, Alexa Hansen, Amanda Kramer, Shiva Krishnan, Sinead McLaughlin, Catharina Min, Mosa Mkhize, Lucinda Osborne, Robyn Polashuk, Ruixue Ran, Carolyn Rashby, Julie Teperow, Joanna Tudor-Blakeway, and Michelle Woodyear