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Name Title Office
David N. Fagan Partner Washington
Steven E. Fagell Partner Washington
Michael J. Fanelli Partner Washington
Jennifer O. Farina Associate New York
Adele Faure Associate New York
Holly Fechner Partner Washington
Ashden Fein Associate Washington
Dena Feldman Associate Washington
Wendy L. Feng Of Counsel San Francisco
Yi Feng Senior Advisor Beijing
Herbert L. Fenster Senior Of Counsel Washington
Heather L. Finstuen Special Counsel Washington
Mark T. Finucane Associate Washington
Charles J. Fischette Associate Washington
Brian K. Fitzpatrick Associate Washington
Laura Flahive Wu Associate Washington
Peter L. Flanagan Partner Washington
Ellen J. Flannery Partner Washington
Patrick Flynn Associate Silicon Valley
Courtney Roberts Forrest Associate Washington
Ethan Forrest Associate San Francisco
Brian E. Foster Associate Washington
R. Jason Fowler Partner Washington
Robert D. Fram Partner San Francisco
Nicholas R. Francescon Associate Beijing
Michael J. Francese Partner Washington
Simon J. Frankel Partner San Francisco
Matthew C. Franker Special Counsel Washington
Sarah A. Franklin Partner Washington
Kenneth A. Freeling Of Counsel Washington
Emily R. Freeman Associate New York
Scott A. Freling Partner Washington
Randall D. Friedland Associate Washington
Jared Frisch Associate Washington
Gregor Frizzell Partner London
Terra White Fulham Associate Washington