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Sean M. Aasen Associate Washington
Dana T. (Tod) Ackerly II Senior Counsel Washington
Paul Adamson Senior European Policy Advisor Brussels
David W. Addis Of Counsel Washington
Julie Adyns Associate Brussels
Alice J. Ahn Associate Washington
Sean M. Akins Special Counsel Washington
Gustavo Akkerman Associate New York
Tammy Albarrán Partner San Francisco
Jay I. Alexander Of Counsel Washington
Kimberley K. Allen Associate Washington
Daniel S. Alterbaum Associate New York
Robert F. Amaee Partner London
Simon Amies Partner London
Erica N. Andersen Associate Washington
Derek J. Andros Associate Washington
Scott A. Anthony Partner Silicon Valley
Stephen P. Anthony Partner Washington
Harvey M. Applebaum Senior Counsel Washington
Shara L. Aranoff Of Counsel Washington
Fredericka Argent Associate London
Kathryn C. Arnold Associate Washington
Alexander B. Aronson Associate Washington
José E. Arvelo Associate Washington
Joshua D. Asher Associate Washington
Dennis B. Auerbach Of Counsel Washington
Kurt Baca Of Counsel Washington
Bruce A. Baird Partner Washington
MaryJoy Ballantyne Associate Washington
John C. Balzano Of Counsel New York
Patricia A. Barald Senior Counsel Washington
Shruti C. Barker Associate Washington
Kevin T. Barnett Associate Washington
Thomas O. Barnett Partner Washington
Stephen C. Bartenstein Associate Washington
Ashley E. Bass Partner Washington
Angelle Smith Baugh Associate Washington
Michael St. Patrick Baxter Partner Washington
David B. Bayless Partner San Francisco
Michael Beder Associate Washington
Martin E. Beeler Of Counsel New York
James Beery Senior Of Counsel London
Isaac Belfer Associate Washington
Rachel E. Beller Associate New York
Randy Benjenk Associate Washington
Bruce C. Bennett Partner New York
J. Hunter Bennett Special Counsel Washington
Matthew M. Benov Associate Washington
Alexander A. Berengaut Associate Washington
Howard Berger Special Counsel Washington
Howard L. Berman Senior Advisor Washington
Paul J. Berman Partner Washington
Eli K. Best Associate Washington
Brianne Bharkhda Associate Washington
Raymond B. Biagini Partner Washington
Brian G. Bieluch Partner Washington
Stephanie W. Bignon Associate Washington
Hannah Billson Associate London
Jonathan D. Blake Retired Partner Washington
Eric W. Blanchard Partner New York
Robin Blaney Partner Brussels, London
Alan Blankenheimer Partner Los Angeles
Doris Blazek-White Senior Counsel Washington
Benjamin C. Block Partner Washington
Jack S. Bodner Partner New York
Peter W.L. Bogaert Partner Brussels
Stephen R. Bond Senior Of Counsel London
Mari K. Bonthuis Associate New York
Eric C. Bosset Partner Washington
Jennifer Boudet Associate Brussels
Jeff Bozman Associate Washington
Chris Bracebridge Partner London
Philippe Bradley-Schmieg Associate London
Hannah Bradshaw Associate London
Lanny A. Breuer Partner Washington, New York
Edward C. Britton Partner Washington
Jonathan Browalski Associate New York
Caroline M. Brown Partner Washington
David N. Brown Senior Counsel Washington
Desmond P. Brown Staff Attorney Washington
Donald W. Brown Partner San Francisco
Kathy Brown Special Counsel Washington
Vonetta Brown Staff Attorney Washington
Maureen F. Browne Partner Washington
Thomas Brugato Associate Washington
Dan Bryant Partner Washington
John G. Buchanan III Partner Washington
Charles E. Buffon Senior Counsel Washington
Kerry Shannon Burke Partner Washington
Lindsay Buchanan Burke Of Counsel Washington
Cynthia Burton Associate Brussels
Hyun S. Byun Associate Silicon Valley
Michael J. Caballero Partner Washington
Kathryn Cahoy Associate Silicon Valley
Kurt G. Calia Partner Silicon Valley
Peter D. Camesasca Partner Brussels
Elizabeth H. Canter Associate Washington
Kathryn A. Capone Senior Benefits Advisor Washington
Jason A. "Jay" Carey Partner Washington
Eric Carlson Partner Beijing, San Francisco
Russell H. Carpenter Jr. Senior Counsel Washington
Kelly N. Carson Associate Washington
Krista Hessler Carver Partner Washington
Susan B. Cassidy Partner Washington
Brian W. Castello Associate Washington
Grant H. Castle Partner London
Warren G. Caywood Jr. Partner New York
Michael A. Chajon Associate Washington
Damara L. Chambers Special Counsel Washington
Nicole B. Chandonnet Associate Washington
Suzan F. Charlton Special Counsel Washington
Ciarra Chavarria Associate New York
Leonard Chazen Senior Counsel New York
Marney Cheek Partner Washington
Christopher Chen Associate Shanghai
Grace Chen Of Counsel Beijing
Michael Chen Associate San Francisco
Shaoyu Chen Partner Beijing, Shanghai
Bradley A. Chernin Associate San Francisco
Michael Chertoff Senior Of Counsel Washington
Winsome Cheung Associate London
Alexander D. Chinoy Partner Washington
William W. Chip Senior Counsel Washington
Dustin Cho Associate Washington
Jiwon Choi Associate Brussels
Mark Chu Associate Beijing
R. Alexander Clark Associate New York
Alexander Clarke Associate London
Paul Claydon Partner London
Jonathan Cloar Associate Washington
Jacqueline Clover Associate London
Jeremy D. Cobb Associate Washington
Dianne F. Coffino Partner New York
Jonathan D. Cohen Associate New York
Miranda Cole Partner Brussels, London
Elizabeth Colglazier Staff Attorney Washington
Kevin B. Collins Partner Washington
William R. Collins Partner New York
Frank M. (Rusty) Conner III Partner Washington
Aaron Cooper Of Counsel Washington
Daniel P. Cooper Partner London
Laura Corbett Associate Brussels
Ellen B. Corenswet Partner New York
Bruce Corey Associate New York
Carolyn F. Corwin Senior Counsel Washington
Caitlin R. Cottingham Associate Washington
Vera Coughlan European Policy Consultant Brussels
Sarah Cowlishaw Associate London
Evan R. Cox Partner San Francisco
Jason P. Criss Of Counsel New York
Sarah Crowder Associate London
Thomas L. Cubbage III Partner Washington
Robert E. Culbertson Partner Washington
Alicia Cullen Associate New York
Scott Cunningham Partner San Francisco
Catherine H. Curlet Associate Washington
Douglas S. Curran Associate New York
Simon Currie Partner London
Michael E. Cutler Partner Washington
Rebecca B. Dalton Associate Washington
Scott D. Danzis Partner Washington
Catherine J. Dargan Partner Washington
Jeffrey M. Davidson Partner San Francisco
Patrick S. Davies Partner Washington
Roderick A. De Arment Retired Partner Washington
Jean De Ruyt Senior European Policy Advisor Brussels
Claire Catalano Dean Associate New York
James R. Dean Jr. Partner Washington
Joshua N. DeBold Associate Washington
John J. DeBoy Associate Washington
Christopher DeCresce Of Counsel New York
Stephen Dee Associate New York
Ross A. Demain Associate Washington
Christopher M. Denig Partner Washington
David Dennis Associate London
John B. Denniston Retired Partner Washington
Alexia dePottere-Smith Associate San Francisco
Natalie M. Derzko Of Counsel Washington
Guy Dingley Of Counsel London
Gregory Discher Of Counsel Washington
Edward H. Dixon Of Counsel Washington
Cyril Djoukeng Associate Washington
Priscilla Dodson Associate Washington
Stefanie A. Doebler Special Counsel Washington
Mitchell F. Dolin Partner Washington
Timothy E. Donahue Associate Washington
Yaron Dori Partner Washington
Ronald G. Dove Jr. Of Counsel Washington
Marie Doyle-Rossi Associate London
Nicole Duclos Partner New York
John C. Dugan Partner Washington
P. Benjamin Duke Partner New York
Matthew F. Dunn Associate Washington
Shankar Duraiswamy Partner Washington
Arthur Dykhuis Associate Los Angeles
Herbert Dym Retired Partner Washington
Wilbur C. Earley Energy Policy Advisor Washington
Lecia M. Eason Staff Attorney Washington
Julie M. Edmond Partner Washington
Samuel Edwards Associate Silicon Valley
Stuart E. Eizenstat Senior Counsel Washington
Layth Elhassani Special Counsel Washington
Jeffrey B. Elikan Partner Washington
John L. Ellicott Senior Counsel Washington
E. Donald Elliott Senior Of Counsel Washington
Clausen Ely Jr. Senior Counsel Washington
Anna P. Engh Partner Washington
David H. Engvall Partner Washington
Roger Enock Senior Counsel London
Christopher K. Eppich Partner Los Angeles
Bradley K. Ervin Associate Washington
Tyler Evans Associate Washington
David N. Fagan Partner Washington
Steven E. Fagell Partner Washington
Michael J. Fanelli Partner Washington
Jennifer O. Farina Associate New York
Adele Faure Associate New York
Holly Fechner Partner Washington
Ashden Fein Associate Washington
Dena Feldman Associate Washington
Wendy L. Feng Of Counsel San Francisco
Yi Feng Senior Advisor Beijing
Herbert L. Fenster Senior Of Counsel Washington
Heather L. Finstuen Special Counsel Washington
Mark T. Finucane Associate Washington
Charles J. Fischette Associate Washington
Brian K. Fitzpatrick Associate Washington
Laura Flahive Wu Associate Washington
Peter L. Flanagan Partner Washington
Ellen J. Flannery Partner Washington
Patrick Flynn Associate Silicon Valley
Courtney Roberts Forrest Associate Washington
Ethan Forrest Associate San Francisco
Brian E. Foster Associate Washington
R. Jason Fowler Associate Washington
Robert D. Fram Partner San Francisco
Michael J. Francese Partner Washington
Simon J. Frankel Partner San Francisco
Matthew C. Franker Special Counsel Washington
Sarah A. Franklin Special Counsel Washington
Kenneth A. Freeling Of Counsel Washington
Emily R. Freeman Associate New York
Scott A. Freling Partner Washington
Randall D. Friedland Associate Washington
Jared Frisch Associate Washington
Gregor Frizzell Partner London
Terra White Fulham Associate Washington
Robert J. Gage Partner Washington
Kathleen T. Gallagher-Duff Of Counsel Washington
Marialuisa S. Gallozzi Partner Washington
Justin M. Ganderson Special Counsel Washington
Cándido García Molyneux Of Counsel Brussels
Kathryn Garcin Associate Los Angeles
Camilla Gare Associate London
James M. Garland Partner Washington
David A. Garr Partner Washington
Andrew D. Garrahan Associate Washington
Theodore L. Garrett Senior Counsel Washington
Thomas Garten Associate Silicon Valley
Deborah A. Garza Partner Washington
Earl W. Gast Senior International Advisor Washington
Matthew T. Gehl Associate New York
Mark E. Gelsinger Senior Patent Advisor Washington
Aman George Associate Washington
Maria Georges Associate Washington
Megan Gerking Associate Washington
Ani Gevorkian Associate Washington
Catherine H. Gibson Associate Washington
Douglas G. Gibson Partner Washington
Mark P. Gimbel Partner New York
Jonathan Gimblett Partner Washington
Kevin R. Glandon Associate Washington
Jason Goldberg Partner Beijing, Shanghai
Mitchell Goldfarb Associate New York
Corinne A. Goldstein Partner Washington
Heng Gong Associate New York
Carolina González Associate London
Katharine Goodloe Associate Washington
Saul B. Goodman Partner Washington
David B. Goodwin Partner San Francisco
Simon Goodworth Partner London
James A. Goold Of Counsel Washington
Nikhil V. Gore Associate Washington
John P. Gourary Partner New York
John D. Graubert Partner Washington
Kristen Grauer Associate New York
Oliver Grazebrook Associate London
William F. Greaney Partner Washington
Michael S. Greenberg Of Counsel San Francisco
Norman E. Greenberg Associate New York
Laurie-Anne Grelier Associate Seoul
Timothy D. Greszler Special Counsel Washington
Sarah C. Griffiths Associate New York
Joanne B. Grossman Partner Washington
Lewis A. Grossman Of Counsel Washington
Micah Gruber Associate New York
Aaron Gu International Associate Shanghai
James Gubbins Partner London
Miriam J. Guggenheim Partner Washington
Magdalina (Lina) Gugucheva Associate New York
Eugene D. Gulland Senior Counsel Washington
Keir D. Gumbs Partner Washington
Rani Gupta Associate Silicon Valley
Gary S. Guzy Senior Of Counsel Washington
Heather G. Haberl Of Counsel Washington
Nicholas Hailey Associate Washington
Benjamin S. Haley Special Counsel Washington
John E. Hall Partner Washington
David W. Haller Partner New York
James Halstead Partner London
Newman T. Halvorson Jr. Retired Partner Washington
Tess A. Hamilton Associate Silicon Valley
Austin K. Hampton Associate Washington
Kurt J. Hamrock Of Counsel Washington
Richard (Peijun) Han Associate New York
Zoey Handforth Professional Support Lawyer London
Robert P. Haney Jr. Partner New York
Alexa Hansen Associate San Francisco
Martin Hansen Of Counsel Washington
Christopher Hanson Associate Washington
Cevette Harper Staff Attorney Washington
Meena Harris Associate Washington
R. Laird Hart Of Counsel Washington
Christine Saunders Haskett Partner San Francisco
Robert T. Haslam Partner Silicon Valley
Alexander B. Hastings Associate Washington
Emma Heffernan Associate London
Matthew Hegreness Associate Washington
Gary A. Heimberg Of Counsel Washington
Jamie A. Heine Associate Washington
Robert Heller Partner New York
Eric Hellerman Of Counsel New York
Kenny Henderson Special Counsel London
Emily Johnson Henn Partner Silicon Valley
Anthony Herman Senior Counsel Washington
Mark D. Herman Associate Washington
Mary T. Hernandez Special Legal Consultant Washington
Richard A. Hertling Of Counsel Washington
Timothy C. Hester Partner Washington
Ronald A. Hewitt Special Counsel New York
Christopher G. Higby Associate Washington
Charlotte Hill Partner London
Michael Hill Associate New York
Harry G. Hives Senior Counsel New York
Sarah M. Hoagland Special Counsel Washington
Geoffrey E. Hobart Partner Washington
Lawrence A. Hobel Partner San Francisco
Asher Hodes Associate San Francisco
E. Sanderson Hoe Senior Of Counsel Washington
Gretchen Hoff Varner Associate San Francisco
Barbara Hoffman Of Counsel New York
Eric H. Holder, Jr. Partner Washington
Jennifer A. Holmes Associate Washington
Peter Hong Associate New York
Reid S. Hooper Associate Washington
Michael B. Hopkins Senior Counsel New York
Frankie Donnie Hoskey Staff Attorney Washington
Thomas Hou Associate New York
Sarah Hoult Associate London
Nigel L. Howard Partner New York
Philip K. Howard Senior Counsel New York
Sheng Huang Associate Beijing
James P. Hughes Associate Washington
Stephen M. Humenik Of Counsel Washington
John A. Hurvitz Partner Washington
Jeremy Hutcher Associate New York
Peter Barton Hutt Senior Counsel Washington
Jeffrey G. Huvelle Senior Counsel Washington
Shaina Hyder Associate Silicon Valley
Michael X. Imbroscio Partner Washington
Stephen A. Infante Partner New York
Stuart Irvin Of Counsel Washington
Philip A. Irwin Partner New York
Thomas A. Isaacson Of Counsel Washington
William D. Iverson Senior Counsel Washington
W. Andrew Jack Partner Washington
Marianna F. Jackson Associate Washington
Caitlyn W. Jacobs Associate Washington
Rebecca A. Jacobs Associate San Francisco
Paige M. Jennings Associate Washington
Bud W. Jerke Associate New York
Mingham Ji Associate Washington
Daniel E. Johnson Partner Washington
Grant D. Johnson Associate Washington
Jennifer A. Johnson Partner Washington
Mark L. Johnson Associate New York
David M. Jolley Of Counsel San Francisco
Emilie Jones Associate London
Phyllis A. Jones Partner Washington
Richard A. Jones Special Counsel San Francisco
Ashwin Kaja Associate Beijing
Hankil D. Kang Associate Washington
Frederick W. Kanner Senior Of Counsel New York
Alexander Kaplan Associate Washington
Catherine Karia Associate London
Georgia Kazakis Partner Washington
Lilit Kazangyan Associate New York
Megan P. Keane Associate Washington
Emily Keatley Associate Washington
Stephanie Keene Associate Washington
Lee A. Kelley Partner Washington
Brian Kelly Associate London
John (Jack) A. Kelly Associate Washington
Robert K. Kelner Partner Washington
Michael N. Kennedy Partner Washington
Morgan Kennedy Associate Washington
Nancy Kestenbaum Partner New York
Laena P. Keyashian Associate New York
Liza Khan Associate Washington
Tarek M. Khanachet Associate New York
Stephen Kiehl Associate Washington
Marianne F. Kies Associate Washington
K. Alex Kiles Associate Washington
Chang Sik (Charles) Kim Special Counsel Seoul
Meryl Kinard Trust & Estate Specialist Washington
Kevin King Associate Washington
Richard F. Kingham Partner Washington, London
Lindsay Kitzinger Associate Washington
Bruce J. Knight Staff Attorney Washington
Rukesh Korde Partner Washington
David L. Kornblau Partner New York
Karel Kovanda Senior European Policy Advisor Brussels
Dr. Dr. Adem Koyuncu Partner Brussels
Rubén Kraiem Partner New York
Anna D. Kraus Of Counsel Washington
Adam M. Kress Associate Washington
Joseph A. Kresse Special Counsel Washington
Richard D. Kruger Associate New York
Silvio A. Krvaric Staff Attorney Washington
Evan Krygowski Associate Washington
Edwin R. Kubal Staff Attorney Washington
Matthew Kudzin Associate Washington
Christina G. Kuhn Associate Washington
Monika Kuschewsky Special Counsel Brussels
Joan L. Kutcher Of Counsel Washington
James Kwok Associate New York
Ashley Kwon Associate Washington
Jon Kyl Senior Of Counsel Washington
Kelly Labritz Special Counsel New York
Michael S. Labson Partner Washington
Sonia Lahr-Pastor Associate Washington
Erica Lai Associate Washington
Nicholas M. Lampros Associate Los Angeles
Harald Langer Senior European Policy Consultant Brussels
Cortlin H. Lannin Associate San Francisco
Alan P. Larson Senior International Policy Advisor Washington
Alan Lau Associate New York
Marie A. Lavalleye Of Counsel Washington
Peter A. Laveran-Stiebar Partner New York
J. Andrew Law Associate Los Angeles
Derek Lawlor Associate Washington
Andrew D. Lazerow Partner Washington
Michael E. Lechliter Partner Washington
Anne Y. Lee Partner Washington
Bethany K. Lee Associate Washington
Bryant Lee Associate Washington
Nooree Lee Associate Washington
Wallace J. Lee Associate Silicon Valley
D. Michael Lefever Partner Washington
Alex Leitch Partner London
Robert Lenhard Partner Washington
Benedict M. Lenhart Partner Washington
Emily I. Leonard Partner Silicon Valley
Jeffrey Lerner Partner Washington
Bingham B. Leverich Senior Counsel Washington
Daniel B. Levine Special Counsel Shanghai
Scott J. Levitt Special Counsel Washington
Philip Levitz Associate Washington
Gregg H. Levy Partner Washington
Jason M. Levy Associate Washington
Joshua P. Levy Staff Attorney Washington
Frederic M. Levy Partner Washington
Teresa T. Lewi Associate Washington
Aaron Lewis Special Counsel Los Angeles
Angi Li Associate San Francisco
Richard Li Associate Shanghai
Weishi Li Partner Shanghai
Peter Lichtenbaum Partner Washington
Cléa Liquard Associate New York
Kamila Lis Associate Washington
Charles Lister Senior Counsel London
Brent A. Little Associate Washington
Henry Liu Associate Washington
S. William Livingston Senior Counsel Washington
Robert A. Long Partner Washington
Enrique D. Longton Special Counsel Washington
R. Anthony Lopez Associate Washington
Miguel López Forastier Partner Washington
Adina M. Lord Associate Washington
David Lorello Partner London
Melissa Lou Associate Washington
Nan Lou Associate Washington
William Lowery Associate London
Charlin Lu Associate Silicon Valley
Ning Lu Of Counsel Beijing
Daniel Luchsinger Partner Washington
Derek Ludwin Partner Washington
Silas P. Lum Associate New York
Yan Luo Associate Beijing
Mark H. Lynch Partner Washington
Sarah Robertson MacDonald Associate Silicon Valley
Feiruz H. Khajawi Macon Staff Attorney Washington
Emily T. Madavo Associate Washington
Mary M. Makary Associate New York
Colette Manches Associate London
Patrick E. Manchester Associate New York
Elnaz Manoucheri Associate Washington
Ligia M. Markman Associate Washington
Jonas A. Marson Special Counsel San Francisco
David B.H. Martin Senior Counsel Washington
Jaclyn E. Martínez Resly Associate Washington
L.J. Chris Martiniak Of Counsel San Francisco
Helena Marttila-Bridge Associate London
Samuel M. Maruca Partner Washington
Nishchay H. Maskay Associate Washington
Rabie Masri Associate London
William L. Massey Senior Counsel Washington
Daniel Matro Associate Washington
Robert A. Matthews Senior Of Counsel Washington
Richard Mattick Of Counsel London
Michael M. Maya Associate Washington
William Maycock Associate London
Mary Ann McCarthy Associate Washington
Muftiah M. McCartin Of Counsel Washington
Brady McDaniel Associate Washington
Ben A. McJunkin Associate Washington
James C. McKay Senior Counsel Washington
Roderick R. McKelvie Senior Counsel Washington
Marianne McKeon Special Counsel New York
Kimberly S. McNish Associate Washington
Catlin M. Meade Associate Washington
Christopher L. Meazell Special Counsel Washington
Zak Megeed Associate San Francisco
John Mei Associate New York
Luke W. Meier Associate Washington
Anna-Shari Melin Associate Brussels
Andrew W. Ment Partner New York
Gabriel J. Mesa Of Counsel New York
Richard Meserve Senior Of Counsel Washington
David Metcalf Associate Washington
Antonio Michaelides Associate London
Charles A. Miller Senior Counsel Washington
Christopher Constantine Miller Associate San Francisco
Catherine Milne Associate New York
Jessica S. Milner Associate New York
Helena Milner-Smith Associate London
Kate Milson Associate London
Christine M. Minarich Associate Washington
Kate Mitchell-Tombras Associate Washington
Ali Mojibi Associate Washington
Meghan Monaghan Associate Washington
Erin Monju Associate New York
Allan B. Moore Partner Washington
Amy N. Moore Senior Counsel Washington
Michelle L. Morin Associate Silicon Valley
Ichiro (“Ike”) Morinaga Special Counsel Washington
Alfred H. Moses Senior Counsel Washington
Mark W. Mosier Partner Washington
Ahmed Mousa Associate Washington
Ranadeb Mukherjee Associate New York
Ralph M. Muoio Special Counsel Washington
Marienna H. Murch Associate San Francisco
Donald J. Murray Partner New York
William J. Murray Associate Washington
Laura E. Muschamp Partner Los Angeles
Brandon Myers Associate Washington
Marty Myers Partner San Francisco
Shweta Nagrath Staff Attorney Washington
Jasu Nair Staff Attorney Washington
Louise Nash Partner London
Scott N. Naturman Associate New York
Daniel A. Nazar Associate New York
Sara A. Needles Associate Washington
Lynn A. Neils Partner New York
Gabe Neville Public Policy Advisor Washington
Narda M. Newby Deputy General Counsel Washington
Robert Newman Partner Washington
Robert Nichols Partner Washington
Michael C. Nicholson Special Counsel New York
Peter J. Nickles Senior Counsel Washington
Gregory S. Nieberg Associate New York
John W. Nields Jr. Senior Of Counsel Washington
John D. Niles Associate Washington
Christopher Nofal Associate Washington
Nicolle Nogueras Staff Attorney Washington
Michael Nonaka Associate Washington
Keith A. Noreika Partner Washington
Sophie Noya European Policy Consultant Brussels
Bianca Nunes Associate Washington
Ashley Anguas Nyquist Associate Washington
James J. O'Connell Partner Washington
Jessica P. O'Connell Special Counsel Washington
Sara J. O'Connell Associate Los Angeles
Matthew J. O'Connor Partner Washington
Thomas Odell Associate New York
Mipe Okunseinde Associate Washington
John Z. Oldak Associate Washington
Lucinda Osborne Partner London
Nathan Ostrander Associate Washington
Aseem Padukone Associate San Francisco
Irene J. Paik Associate Washington
Kathleen E. Paley Associate Washington
George F. Pappas Partner Washington
Jessica L. Parezo Special Counsel Washington
Praajakta Pargaonkar Associate London
Han Park Associate Washington
Teresa S. Park Associate Washington
William H.Y. Park Partner Seoul
David M. Parker Associate Washington
Zachary G. Parks Special Counsel Washington
Mona Patel Partner Washington
William M. Paul Partner Washington
Daniel Pavin Partner London
Morag Peberdy Of Counsel London
Lauren Pedley Associate San Francisco
Lisa Peets Partner London
Elizabeth S. Pehrson Special Counsel San Francisco
Philip J. Peisch Associate Washington
Alan A. Pemberton Partner Washington
Constance Anne Pence Senior International Advisor Washington
Mark L. Perlis Of Counsel Washington
Jeannie M. Perron DVM Partner Washington
Marina Petrova Associate London
Patrick M. Phelan Associate Washington
Eric D. Phelps Associate Washington
Matthew Phelps Associate New York
C. William Phillips Partner New York
Joshua B. Picker Associate New York
Kavita Pillai Associate Washington
Jane Pinho Associate London
David Z. Pinsky Partner New York
Christian J. Pistilli Partner Washington
John Stewart Playforth Associate Washington
Michael K. Plimack Partner San Francisco
Jennifer L. Plitsch Partner Washington
Mark E. Plotkin Partner Washington
Eve R. Pogoriler Special Counsel Washington
Robyn R. Polashuk Partner Los Angeles
Ethan M. Posner Partner Washington
Julia F. Post Associate Washington
David Powers Staff Attorney Washington
Saurabh Prabhakar Associate Washington
Swati R. Prakash Associate New York
Hilary Prescott Partner London
Sam Pyun Of Counsel London
Lala R. Qadir Associate Washington
Felicia C. Quentzel Associate Washington
Kyle Rabe Associate New York
Ramy Ramadan Associate Washington
Mythili Raman Partner Washington
Alexander E. Ramey Associate Washington
Ruixue Ran Partner Beijing
Neel Rane Associate San Francisco
Jason C. Raofield Partner Washington
Benjamin J. Razi Partner Washington
Ingrid Rechtin Partner San Francisco
Ian Redfearn Associate London
Michael Paul Reed Partner Washington
Andrea G. Reister Partner Washington
Brett Reynolds Associate Washington
Dale A. Rice Of Counsel San Francisco
Chinue Turner Richardson Associate London
Margaret L. Richardson Of Counsel Washington
Donald J. Ridings Jr. Partner Washington
Michael J. Riella Partner Washington
Edward H. Rippey Partner Washington
Jennifer Robbins Associate New York
Kendra L. Roberson Of Counsel Washington
Anne Robert Associate Brussels
Paul V. Rogers Partner Washington
Neil K. Roman Partner New York
Garett R. Rose Associate Washington
Krysten Rosen Moller Associate Washington
Steven J. Rosenbaum Partner Washington
Mace J. Rosenstein Partner Washington
Michael L. Rosenthal Of Counsel Washington
Brian K. Rosenzweig Special Counsel New York
David A. Rosinus Senior Counsel New York
Donald Ross Senior Of Counsel New York
Lauren Ann Ross Associate Washington
Matthew Ross Staff Attorney Washington
Simone E. Ross Partner Washington
Karanja K. Rouse Staff Attorney Washington
R. Gregory Rubio Associate Washington
Gary M. Rubman Partner Washington
Lily Rudy Associate Washington
Andrew A. Ruffino Partner New York
John P. Rupp Senior Counsel London
Daniel L. Russell Jr. Of Counsel Washington
Charlotte Ryckman Associate Brussels
Brian Ryoo Associate Washington
Peter O. Safir Partner Washington
Seth J. Safra Partner Washington
Neema Sahni Associate Los Angeles
Benjamin R. Salk Associate New York
Eric Sandberg-Zakian Associate Washington
Jennifer H. Saperstein Associate Washington
Alejandro L. Sarria Associate Washington
Stephanie Marine Sarzana Special Counsel London
Michael Sawyer Associate Washington
Elizabeth A. Saxe Associate Washington
Lorraine G. Saxton Associate Washington
Robert N. Sayler Senior Counsel Washington
Kayleigh Scalzo Associate Washington
Philip A. Scarborough Associate San Francisco
Sophia Scarlett Staff Attorney Washington
Andrew D. Schau Of Counsel New York
Michael G. Scheininger Partner Washington
Jack L. Schenendorf Of Counsel Washington
Esther Scherb Of Counsel Washington
Cassie A. Scherer Special Counsel Washington
Allison B. Schiffman Associate New York
Paul W. Schmidt Partner Washington
Witney Schneidman Senior International Advisor Washington
Scott Schrader Partner San Francisco
Elliott Schulder Of Counsel Washington
Peter A. Schwartz Partner New York
Christen Sewell Associate Washington
Nathan Shaffer Associate Silicon Valley
Nathan Shafroth Partner San Francisco
Dan Shallman Partner Los Angeles
Matthew S. Shapanka Associate Washington
Anupam Sharma Partner Silicon Valley
Meena R. Sharma Associate Washington
Shailee Diwanji Sharma Associate New York
David J. Shaw Associate Washington
Steven A. Shaw Senior Of Counsel Washington
Loretta Shaw-Lorello Partner New York
Richard C. Shea Partner Washington
Kristian Shearsby Associate London
Clara J. Shin Partner San Francisco
Laura Mellis Sidarth Associate Washington
Andrew E. Siegel Associate Washington
René L. Siemens Partner Los Angeles
Kelly Vanderzell Silverman Associate Washington
Laura E. Sim Special Counsel Washington
Nicholas L. Simon Associate Washington
Ashley M. Simonsen Associate San Francisco
Christopher N. Sipes Partner Washington
Caleb Skeath Associate Washington
William P. Skinner Partner Washington
Erika Skougard Associate Washington
Gabriel L. Slater Associate Washington
Gurney S. Small Staff Attorney Washington
Andrew M. Smith Partner Washington
Brian D. Smith Of Counsel Washington
James McCall Smith Associate Washington
Jay T. Smith Partner Washington
John T. Smith II Retired Partner Washington
Kai Smith Associate Washington
Scott F. Smith Partner New York
David N. Sneed Associate Washington
James C. Snipes Partner San Francisco
Sturgis M. Sobin Partner Washington
Michael Sochynsky Associate New York
Eric R. Sonnenschein Special Counsel Washington
John W. Sorrenti Associate Washington
Andrew Soukup Associate Washington
Elizabeth A. Spavins Associate Washington
Jeremy D. Spector Partner Washington
Jonathan M. Sperling Partner New York
Elizabeth Speth Associate Washington
Daniel L. Spiegel Senior Of Counsel Washington
Ashley M. Sprague Associate Washington
W. Douglas Sprague Partner San Francisco
Russell M. Squire Associate New York
Patrick Stanton Associate Washington
David A. Stein Of Counsel Washington
Michelle Steinfeld Associate Washington
Ezra Steinhardt Associate London
Brian L. Stekloff Special Counsel Washington
Catherine C. Stern Associate New York
Robert Stevens Senior Of Counsel London
Stuart C. Stock Partner Washington
Einar Stole Partner Washington
Elaine W. Stone Partner Washington
Anita F. Stork Partner San Francisco
Kristin Stortini Associate Washington
Timothy P. Stratford Partner Beijing
Kimberly A. Strosnider Partner Washington
William L. Sturman Partner New York
Sabine Stute Associate Brussels
Nitin Subhedar Partner San Francisco
Ranganath Sudarshan Partner Washington
Daniel Suleiman Special Counsel Washington
Joanne Sum-Ping Associate San Francisco
Dirk J.J. Suringa Partner Washington
Jessica Vance Sutton Associate Washington
Paul Swain Associate Washington
Peter A. Swanson Partner Washington
Matthew Sykes Associate Washington
Paul Tagliabue Senior Of Counsel Washington
Philipp Tamussino Partner New York
Christie Hyosung Tang Special Counsel Seoul
Vivian Tao Associate New York
Winslow Taub Partner San Francisco
Carolyn E. Taylor Partner New York
Keith A. Teel Partner Washington
Erin Thomas Associate New York
Addison B. Thompson Associate Washington
Lee J. Tiedrich Partner Washington
Henriette Tielemans Partner Brussels
Lindsey L. Tonsager Associate San Francisco
Allan J. Topol Senior Counsel Washington
Amy L. Toro Partner San Francisco
Emin Toro Partner Washington
Ted Torous Associate Silicon Valley
Jade C. Totman Associate Washington
Robert J. Trainor Senior Of Counsel New York
Sarah Tremont Associate Washington
Clovis Trevino Associate Washington
Amia L. Trigg Associate Washington
Peter D. Trooboff Senior Counsel Washington
Seth A. Tucker Partner Washington
Shannon R. Tucker Associate Washington
Nicoleta Tuominen Associate Brussels
Emily Ullman Associate Washington
Sinan Utku Special Counsel London
Daniel E. Valencia Associate Washington
Arturo A. Valenzuela Senior Latin America Advisor Washington
Angeliki Valsamidou Associate Brussels
Christopher D. Van Blarcum Associate Washington
Melissa Van Schoorisse Associate Brussels, London
Wim van Velzen Senior European Policy Advisor Brussels
Kelly Vance Of Counsel London
John K. Veroneau Partner Washington
D. Jean Veta Partner Washington
Gina M. Vetere Special Counsel Washington
John M. Vine Senior Counsel Washington
Alan Vinegrad Partner New York
Timothy M. Visser Associate Washington
Anuj Vohra Special Counsel Washington
Ralph C. Voltmer Partner Washington
Theodore Voorhees Jr. Senior Counsel Washington
Amit R. Vora Associate Washington
Sebastian F.A. Vos Partner Brussels
Kelly D. Voss Pro Bono Counsel Washington
Mike Wagner Associate Washington
Jonathan R. Wakely Associate Washington
Gerard J. Waldron Partner Washington
Jenna Wallace Associate New York
Caroline Murray Walsh Associate Washington
Christopher Walter Partner London
Natalie Walter Partner London
Phillip H. Warren Partner San Francisco
Virginia (“Ginny”) Guild Watkin Retired Partner Washington
Colin P. Watson Associate New York
J. D. Weinberg Partner New York
Addar Weintraub Associate Washington
Mark A. Weiss Retired Partner Washington
Stephen A. Weiswasser Senior Counsel Washington
Albert (Bert) Wells Partner New York
Reeves C. Westbrook Senior Counsel Washington
Jeffrey L. White Special Counsel Washington
Bill Wichterman Senior Legislative Advisor Washington
Robert D. Wick Partner Washington
Kristian E. Wiggert Partner London
Deanna M. Wilcox Special Counsel Washington
David R. Wildman Associate New York
Lauren S. Willard Associate Washington
Jarrett A. Williams Special Counsel Washington
Joshua N. Williams Associate Washington
Robert J. Williams Associate Shanghai
Thomas S. Williamson Jr. Senior Counsel Washington
Bruce S. Wilson Partner Washington
Jeremy Wilson Partner London
Paul J. Wilson Special Counsel Washington
Sarah L. Wilson Partner Washington
Kurt Wimmer Partner Washington
Lindsay Windsor Associate Washington
Sonya D. Winner Partner San Francisco
Alan M. Wiseman Senior Of Counsel Washington
Benjamin M. Wiseman Associate Washington
Kate H. Withers Associate New York
Isaac Wood Associate Washington
Matthew G. Wood Associate Washington
Megan E. Woodford Associate New York
William H. Woolston Associate Washington
Jason N. Workmaster Of Counsel Washington
Fan (Frank) Wu Associate New York
Melody Wu Special Counsel Washington
Victor Wu Associate Beijing
Hui Xu Special Counsel Shanghai
Xin Xu Staff Attorney Washington
Maria-Martina Yalamova Associate London
Brian J. Yang Associate Washington
Maya P. Yette Associate Washington
Christopher Y. L. Yeung Associate New York
Edward Yingling Senior Counsel Washington
Grant Young Associate Washington
Mark Young Special Counsel London
Stanley Young Partner Silicon Valley
Johan Ysewyn Partner Brussels, London
Jennifer Zachary Partner Washington
Roger Zakheim Of Counsel Washington
William E. Zapf Associate Washington
Peter Zern Partner Washington
Xinping Zhu Associate New York
Tracy Zinsou Associate San Francisco
David M. Zionts Associate Washington
Christopher T. Zirpoli Associate Washington
Andrea Zulli Of Counsel Brussels, London
Cecile Zwiebach Associate New York