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Lawyers of diverse backgrounds have succeeded and prospered at Covington for decades.  We were leaders among larger law firms in electing our first woman partner (in 1974), first African American partner (1975), first Hispanic partner (1985), first openly gay partner (1989), and first Asian American partner (1995).  We have continued this tradition through the years, recruiting and promoting lawyers of all backgrounds.  We are committed to cultivating a diverse partnership from within our own ranks.  

Our firm governance also reflects our commitment to diversity.  Women and minority partners have served on our Management Committee, which is elected by the full partnership and is responsible for guiding the strategic direction of the firm.  In addition, our women, minority, and openly LGBT lawyers:
  • Play senior leadership roles in 25 individual practice and industry groups within the firm.
  • Play senior roles on firm committees, including our Associate Advisory, Diversity, Evaluation, Hiring, and Legal Personnel, and Management Committees.

While we are proud of the steps we already have taken, we understand that the job of promoting diversity is never complete.  We strive not just to keep pace with our peers, but rather to lead by example and continue raising the bar for our entire profession.  As such, we are constantly examining our progress, improving our efforts, and searching for new and challenging ways to create a more diverse work environment.
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