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DIA EuroMeeting Paris 2015 - Development, Innovation, Access and Patient Safety (4/13/2015-4/15/2015)

  • Palais des Congrès
    Paris, France

Annual Conference on EU Law in the Pharmaceutical Sector 2015 (2/26/2015-2/27/2015)

  • Brussels, Belgium

Regulation of eHealth Products and Mobile Apps (2/25/2015)

The Pfizer Saga - Discussing the Implications of the Pfizer/Xalatan Case in the EU (02/24/2015)

Trends in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Patent Litigation (2/11/2015)

World Pharma Licensing Congress 2015 (2/10/2015)

  • London Stock Exchange

EU Law and Life Sciences Webinar Series (1/27/2015)

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