Working at Covington
Summer Associates
Lawyer Support & Integration
Covington’s New York office has a collegial atmosphere reflecting a common bond of mutual respect and shared values.  Many matters are staffed by only two or three lawyers, and associates have ample opportunities to work directly with partners, including on the larger cases and cutting edge transactions that form an important part of our practice.  Associates are encouraged to assume as much responsibility as possible, commensurate with their experience and training.  The work is sophisticated and challenging, and we make a concerted effort to involve all of our associates in every aspect of the matters to which they have been assigned.

Much of our work is national and international in scope, cutting across a number of practice areas and requiring the collaboration of lawyers in two or more offices.  Our lawyers regularly work with and visit lawyers in our other offices.  We have practice group retreats on a regular basis that bring together in one city all the lawyers in the group from each of our offices.  In addition, we have a firmwide “new associate” retreat each year and other opportunities in which lawyers from our various offices meet, discuss their practices and get to know one another.

We have a firmwide Associates Committee, which includes associate and partner representatives from each of our offices.  The Associates Committee considers matters of particular relevance to associates and makes recommendations to the firm’s Management Committee.

Covington offers all lawyers sophisticated technology throughout the firm to help facilitate their work.  Through BlackBerries and laptop computers, voicemail and fax delivered through email, highly-secure remote VPN access from anywhere in the world, one of the world’s most comprehensive private law libraries, and other advanced research and document retrieval capabilities, Covington provides associates with the tools they need for success.
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