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Work-Life Balance
More than ever before, lawyers are choosing their careers and their employers based not only on professional factors and career advancement potential, but also on the ability to achieve a comfortable balance between their work and personal interests.  The majority of our partners -- including our part-time partners -- are parents who have combined successful careers with fulfilling family lives.

We know that meeting the needs of our attorneys and staff as well as those of their families is essential to attract and retain top professionals.  To this end, amongst other things, the firm offers:

Alternative Work Schedules.  We have long had a reduced hours working policy which is available to any lawyer.  Currently, 50 of our lawyers (firm-wide) are working on a reduced hours basis.  A number of attorneys, including five women lawyers, have become partners while working on a reduced hours schedule.

Birth/Adoption Leave.  We provide primary caregivers with 126 days paid leave upon the birth or adoption of a child.  Non-primary caregivers receive six weeks of paid leave within six months of the birth or adoption of a child.  We also comply with mandatory requirements of UK law.

Work-Life Balance Group.  We have a work-life balance group, comprised of both men and women, that is open to all interested attorneys who want to discuss issues relating to balancing work and other obligations. 

We take pride that we are a firm known not only for collaborative partnerships amongst attorneys, but as one that supports our extended Covington family through innovative work/life policies and resources.  We are just as proud that Working Mother magazine has named Covington one of America‚Äôs 100 Best Family-Friendly Companies.
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